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Omniray Group strengthens its position as the leading provider of Environmental Test and Measurement solutions in the Nordic region

Omniray has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with IMV and THP Systems for the sales of their Test and Measurement products in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Paul Frohn, Chairman, Omniray Group:

"We are excited to have signed this agreement which will enable us to offer our customers products and solutions from IMV and THP, world leading suppliers of Vibration test and measurement equipment.

Our new product offering will also enable our team to focus on the growing customer demand for more energy efficient solutions and products particularly in the Vibration sector. The ECO Technology provided by IMV will enable our customers to save money on their R&D budgets and also comply to the growing need for industry’s to reduce their carbon foot print.

With the IMV and THP Vibration test and measurement solutions and Weiss Climate test and simulation chambers we can now offer our customers an one-stop-shop for their Environmental testing needs."

Andy Leadbeater, Director of THP Systems:

“Omniray Group is the perfect partner for IMV and THP Systems, they have a management team in place that understands the customer’s needs and has the experience to be able to offer a wide range of solutions to the Environmental test market throughout Scandinavia. Omniray's on going commitment to service and support is significant and both IMV and THP are looking forward to the future growth in this market”.

More information about our supplier partners for Environmental testing you can find here:

For further information please contact Paul Frohn, Chairman, Omniray Group