New suppliers

What can Omniray offer its Supplier Partners?

Omnirays strategy is to work with world leading supplier partners and niche manufacturers within the business areas where we are active. We at Omniray are not looking to build up long linecards and offer what we have in the drawer but to be a real value adding link between our supplier partners and our local customers and markets.

We belive that our added value as a distribution partner mainly consists of our strong sales and technical competence within the choosen business areas but also the extensive experience and contact network within the Nordic electronics, electrical, telecom and automation industries that we can offer. Before joining and starting the Omniray operations in the Nordic region our key management persons had a total aggregated business experience of over 70 years in these industry sectors.

Omniray also has developed and implemented a very strong e-marketing concept where we constantly and actively build and develop our customer database. With the customer database as our backbone we regularly update our potential customers with the latest segmented product and application news from our supplier partners. We also follow-up and measure all our marketing and sales activities and always look for opportunities to improve our marketing and sales approach and processes.

Omniray offers its Supplier Partners a dynamic and motivated business team that will increase their profitability and market position in the Nordic region.

If you want to find out more about Omnirays team, concept and/or services please feel free to contact us at any time at